Former bike racer gets Slim!

Oxford (07 May 2012) - Weight gain is an unfortunate side effect of retirement for many professional athletes, but recently-retired motorcycle racer, James Toseland, has found a new way to get Slim! The 31-year-old is taking to the roads of London on the newest bike in the Harley-Davidson range after being impressed with its styling when it launched in February.

As a double World Superbike Champion, Toseland is known for his love of sports bikes, so it will come as a surprise to many that his bike of choice, now that he no longer has ties to a specific manufacturer, is a Harley®.

James is customising the bike before taking it out for a spin and has been heavily influenced by the Dark Custom image of the Softail® Slim™ in the latest product catalogue. He is opting for a black denim machine and will be replacing many of the chrome parts with blacked out versions from the vast range of Harley-Davidson Genuine Parts and Accessories®.

The former racer will also be adding a detachable pillion seat and luggage to the machine, so that fiancée, singer/songwriter Katie Melua, can enjoy it.

“Since retiring, I really miss being on two wheels,” says James, “and now that I live in London I think a bike is the only really viable form of transport for getting around the city quickly and easily.

“In truth, the place for sports bikes is the race tracks that I’ve spent most of my life on, but now that phase of my life is over, I’m more interested in riding something that looks great, is comfortable and enables me to enjoy riding again rather than focusing on the speedo or the rear wheel of the guy in front. I can’t wait to get back out on a bike and experience a new way of riding.”

James Toseland