I can see clearly now…

Oxford (02 April 2012) - When the latest recruit at our PR agency came to visit after a recent separation from his long-term partner, we really felt for him. His red-rimmed eyes, we thought, gave away the real anguish of his current situation, but we couldn’t have been further from the truth…

It seems our middle-aged friend, who has decades of experience in the motorcycle industry, had overlooked an important factor when making the three-hour trip to see us in Oxford. While he looked great riding along in his open faced helmet and designer shades, the cool factor didn’t last long when the eyewear came off!

His eyes stayed that way for nearly a week, which logically, of course, they would. Imagine riding at 70mph on a British motorway, with wind, dust particles and bugs hurling themselves into your eyeballs, and that’s without the pressure of black plastic pressing into your face! At speed, if the frames don’t fit closely to your face and the wind gets under them, you will suffer from them moving up and down in front of your eyes, which is distracting and not very safe.The experience was enough to open his eyes, literally, to the benefits of performance eyewear. The soft cushioning on the inside provides a comfortable feeling while doing what it’s there to do, stopping drafts and particles getting into your eyes.

As the newest advocate for our eyewear, we know that if he turns up with red-rimmed eyes in future, it’s courtesy of a heavy night. Here are his tips…

1. Do check if they have an anti-fog coating 
You don’t want your vision to be clouded by rain or fog while travelling at speed, so check that they have an anti-fog coating. This will prevent things from looking hazy. All Harley-Davidson performance eyewear products come with a hydrophilic coating that doesn’t wear off over time.They have also been treated on both sides, which means that you’ll be fog-free even if a rogue raindrop or heavy breath hits the inside pane. In specialist tests, the lenses treated with this anti-fog coating were placed over steam for five hours, see the results here!

2. Don’t choose them if they don’t have UV protection
It’s not just the rain and fog that you need to look out for, the sun can present just as many hazards. Ensure that your performance eyewear has 100% UV protection to ensure that your eyes are getting the protection they deserve. 

3. Do ensure both the lenses and frames are durable
What happens if you sit on your glasses or they bend in your pocket? You need performance eyewear that performs and enables you to complete all the adventures you want to. Some Harley-Davidson performance eyewear includes Patented ForceFlex™ which means they are unbreakable…if you don’t believe it – try it. 

4. Do choose eyewear that is multi-functional 
Ever been out on the bike in the bright sunshine and then spent so long at your destination it went dark? It may be worth investing in performance eyewear with day and night lenses. That way you won’t need to panic and set off as soon as the sun starts to set, you can enjoy the ride knowing that your eyewear will adjust to the light. 

5. Don’t sacrifice vision 
As a motorcyclist there are already a number of challenges to overcome when you’re out and about on the road. Don’t add to this by restricting your vision willingly. Choose eyewear with EVS (Enhanced Vision System) which gives you 20% wider vision than regular performance eyewear. An extra 20% that could enable you to see that pesky car… 

6. Do go for names that you trust 
Look out for names that you trust as their products will come with the experience they have acquired from decades of development. Harley-Davidson performance eyewear lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision, the number one in optical lenses. Also known as the company who make the cameras for Nokia phones… 

7. Do check yourself out in the mirror…. 
While looking great isn’t the most important factor, it does matter so have a little glance in that mirror! 

For more information or advice you could head into your local Harley-Davidson dealer where you can try on some styles and find the ones that suit you or visit to view the full range of Harley-Davidson MotorClothes®.  

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