Wheelie good

Oxford (02 April 2012) - Your wheels say a lot about you and upgrading them is one of the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically change the look of your motorcycle, while instantly reflecting your personality.

Whether you’re an extrovert with a desire for mirror chrome that you can see your face in, you prefer variety and opt for contrast chrome or you’re a laidback character looking for low maintenance, there are all sorts of ways to express yourself – from spokes and laced to full discs. Why not click on your favourite wheel from the selection below to see what it says about you?

As a leader in Custom, driven by the understanding that each rider is an individual, the Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts and Accessories range contains 24 different designs. But, best of all, you can take advantage of our rigorous testing methods and decades of industry experience, without the look being sacrificed. 

Here comes the science part…

Our wheels undergo hundreds of hours of real-world testing and because they are made to exact Harley-Davidson® specifications, you can rest assured that they will look good, fit perfectly and last for as many journeys as you can take them on. They meet domestic and international regulations and meet stringent corrosion requirements.

As with all Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts and Accessories, you can also complete the look with matching brake rotors, sprockets, axle covers and chrome hardware – the choices are endless!

If you’ve completed our fun quiz, you’ll have an idea of the statement you’re trying to make with your wheels, but if you’d prefer more sound advice, why not head down to your local Harley-Davidson® dealership.