More than just an oil change…

Oxford (21 March 2012) - Your bike is your pride and joy, so how can you be sure that the person working on it gives the same level of love and attention as if you were doing it yourself? The only way to guarantee this is to take your bike to an authorised Harley-Davidson dealership. There are 29 such dealers located throughout the UK and ROI and all with Harley-Davidson trained technicians.

Take your Harley into an authorised dealership and you can be sure that it will receive the highest level of care and attention. A service isn’t just an oil change with Harley; for example a 1000 mile service on a 2010 Touring model will include areas such as brakes, jiffy stand, latches, fuel lines, battery, suspension, steering head bearings, cables, wiring, electronic equipment, tyres and more – all inspected and adjusted. Not forgetting the bike’s software is checked for official updates; you can’t get this elsewhere other than an authorised dealer. Oh, and by the way, all transmission, engine and primary chaincase oils are changed.

From a dealer’s workshop you can ride away secure in the knowledge that all your bike requires next is for you to enjoy it.