There’s Slim™ and then there’s Super Slim

Oxford (06 March 2012) - The new Harley-Davidson® Slim™ slots neatly into the existing Softail® range of motorcycles. From its narrow rear end to its trimmed front fender, there’s simply less of the Slim; fewer covers, a solo seat, smaller wheels and tyre sizes, and minimal chromed parts. Call it stripped. Call it old school. Call it lean and mean. But what’s left is the iconic Softail profile and Harley-Davidson style that recalls classic custom bobbers of the 1950s.

However, the European press launch of the Slim, revealed a very different version of Slim that proved to be a head-turner. It was a Slim decked out in just about every conceivable item from the 40-plus component Accessory Pack – making it a unique and stunning machine.

The gloss black Fin engine cases and rocker covers add a new dimension to the very visible engine. Black downpipe covers and front fork lowers ramp up this Slim’s appeal.

There are, of course, parts that take a second look to spot. Blacked out foot control assemblies, hand levers, Vivid black brake rotors and more. We all like to have something special that sets one bike apart from another, and so the real beauty is that all parts and accessories are available as single items to change only what you want to change – and in an affordable way.