Motorcycle masters

Oxford (02 February 2012) - When you take your motorcycle into an authorised Harley-Davidson® dealership for its service, repair work or to have official accessories fitted, you’ll want to know that it’s in safe hands. We understand this better than most, and through our Master Technicians training programme, we can guarantee that your bike is being cared for while it’s in the hands of an authorised Harley-Davidson dealership.

The majority of careers at our dealerships require comprehensive training, and this is certainly the case for service staff. Harley-Davidson’s university-level Master Technician programme is geared to make our technicians some of the most experienced in motorcycling. The five-tier syllabus covers a mixture of practical and experienced-based topics including vehicle and chassis service, electrical diagnostics and Powertrain, and takes place at Harley-Davidson’s purpose-built European Training Academy at Bromsgrove in the West Midlands.

More than 450 trainee technicians attend the academy each year. Harley-Davidson Master Technicians are currently operating at authorised Harley-Davidson dealerships across the UK including Oxford Harley-Davidson’s Gavin Cupit, who was the UK’s first Master Technician. He first heard about the acclaimed training programme 16 years ago, enrolled and has never looked back…

I wanted to be the best
“As soon as I heard about the Master Technician training programme, I knew I wanted to get involved. I was pretty ambitious back then and really aspired to be the best mechanic Harley-Davidson had ever seen.” 

People rely on me
“Ultimately, being a Master Technician means that I have unrivalled experience in all things to do with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles – from chassis to Powertrain. I get a positive reception from our customers, who rely on me to look after their motorcycles when they come in for a service.

“I love the Harley-Davidson brand through and through, and I think that it is vital to have such in-depth knowledge about its products. I think Master Technicians instil confidence in Harley-Davidson as it demonstrates the brand’s commitment to doing the best job it can for its customers.”

I’ll always be training
“New technologies are emerging all the time and, as a Master Technician, I need to be on top of all new developments such as Can-Bus wiring which has recently been introduced to some models (the wiring system carries digital signals instead of voltage). Learning is an important part of my job and I don’t think I’ll ever stop training!”

Gavin Cupit