Wrapping your bike up for winter

Oxford (12 December 2012) - So you’re planning to tuck away your bike for the winter? Check out these top tips to make sure it will be pristine and ready to ride. If you want your bike to be safe and sound follow these tips to ensure you’re not disappointed next year when you uncover it:

- Head to your local dealership and have a winter service

Specially trained technicians will ensure everything is in working order and in good condition before you put your bike to bed. It is advisable to change the engine oil and oil filter as leaving dirty oil in the engine can cause corrosion, meaning a premature engine rebuild. A fresh fill of oil will help protect the engine even when it’s not running – meaning it will be running sweet as a nut when you come to start it next year…

- Fit a battery charging harness with LED charge indicator

This will ensure your battery is in perfect working order when you come to switch on your ignition when the sun is out in 2013. Similarly take your motorcycle to your local dealer who will check the condition of the battery and let you know if it is in full working order.

- Give it a good clean

Make sure that you give your motorcycle a good wash and polish before you cover it up so it is spick and span for its hibernation. While cleaning your tyres give them a look over, check the tread and check they are in good condition – take the opportunity to check they are at the right pressure too.

- Cover it up

Ensure you have a breathable and waterproof cover; often when under covers condensation can form on the inside of the cover meaning that your motorcycle might as well be rained on! However with a breathable cover this moisture isn’t trapped and air can circulate around the machine underneath.

- Get a copy of the latest P&A catalogue

Have a flick through the hundreds of pages of P&A for your machine so you can buy it a Christmas present and have it fitted before the new riding season

And lastly? Count the days until you can uncover it and get back out on the open road.

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