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Oxford (19 November 2012) - For many riders, their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is their pride and joy, and for those who have spent time customising their stead to reflect their personality, their bike is simply irreplaceable. Making sure you have the right insurance cover on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is vital, as one owner recently discovered…

As told by Michael Collins

“While on a ride from the UK to Faaker See to join the Harley-Davidson rally, I had an accident in Düsseldorf, which resulted with me being taken to hospital with a broken leg. As you can imagine, the whole experience was daunting – my wife and I were in a foreign country, didn’t really know the processes and systems and couldn’t speak a word of German.

”However, I must say that the whole experience was made a whole lot easier because all the people we came in contact with were able to speak English. The local police, ambulance and hospital staff helped to make things go along with the minimum of fuss, and helped me and my wife deal with my accident with relative ease.

“After treatment in hospital, including ten x-rays, I was discharged and told to report back the next day to check on progress. I was put in a taxi and taken to a nearby hotel where I called Harley-Davidson Insurance to ask for assistance. To say we were stressed at this point was an understatement, but a friendly voice by the name of Katrin was on the other end of the phone, and any stress quickly evaporated.

“At this stage, all we knew was that the police had taken our Harley-Davidson motorcycles to a recovery lot. Katrin contacted them and arranged to recover the bikes using Harley-Davidson’s own approved team. A minor hiccup when the police recovery unit didn’t understand proximity alarms and key fobs, which meant that the bikes were subsequently taken away keyless. We had to get a taxi and take the keys to the recovery firm for onward towing to Harley-Davidson Cologne, the nearest dealership.

“However, Katrin at Harley-Davidson Insurance organised repatriation for me and my wife. She booked a flight for us for the same evening with British Airways from Düsseldorf to London Heathrow. We were booked in and our boarding passes were even faxed to our hotel! A taxi took us to the airport and an attendant with a wheelchair took me directly to the aircraft.

“Just a short flight later and we landed in London. An attendant met us at the aircraft door with a wheelchair and special access to the airport, bypassing the normal system, through glass doors via our own custom officer and first to the baggage reclaim then onward to the hire car, which again Katrin had pre-booked for us.

”I can’t find fault with anything Harley-Davidson Insurance did for us – the service was excellent – and special thanks are owed to Katrin who made a very stressful situation seem so easy. I personally can’t see why anyone who has a Harley-Davidson motorcycle wouldn’t cover their pride and joy with what I believe is a first class policy. We all hope we never have to use it, but Harley recovery is top notch and reassuring to know it’s there if you need it.”

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