A memorable experience

Oxford (28 November 2011) - When you first meet petite blonde Alex Hammond, it’s unlikely that you would immediately associate her with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. However, the popular SKY Sports newsreader and horse racing expert is a keen Harley® rider – having first become interested in motorcycles at the age of 16.

Now 36 years old, Alex counts riding the Harley-Davidson Superlow® as one of her most memorable experiences to date and at 5ft 2”, she is keen to dispel the myth that “small people can’t ride motorcycles”…

When I was younger

“I used to ride a Yamaha DTMX to get to the stables where I kept my pony. I only rode about 70 miles on it before we sold it. Last year, a friend of mine came to visit me on her motorcycle. She said I could sit on it and I was hooked! I knew from that moment that I wanted to get my own bike, so I passed my CBT, did my test a couple of months later and bought a Suzuki VanVan 125.”

I fell in love with Harley-Davidson 
“It’s not hard to imagine why people ride Harleys. They’re fun, cool and demand a lot of respect. I adored riding my Harley-Davidson Superlow® motorcycle over the summer months and can’t wait to get back on the road.”

Even non-motorcyclists love Harley
“I like the iconic status of the Harley-Davidson® brand. It has a long and interesting history – one that even non-bikers are aware of – which is something you don't tend to find with other motorcycle brands.”

Someone waved at me the other day
“My whole experience riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle has been awesome. I enjoy just popping out on it as well as going out on longer ride-outs. I was even surprised when I got a wave from a driver as I was riding along the other day!” 

If I can ride a motorcycle, anyone can 
“I would encourage any girl to get out and try a Harley. There are so many models and you shouldn't be intimidated by the weight or size of them. I’m just 5ft 2” tall so if I can ride one, anyone can! I didn’t find the Harley-Davidson Superlow® too heavy or difficult to manoeuver. You will be surprised!” 

The most gorgeous bike I’ve ever seen
“It’s hard to beat the Harley-Davidson® Forty-Eight. It would be my ultimate motorcycle for sure. It's definitely the most gorgeous bike I've ever seen.”