Made for each other - literally

Oxford (23 May 2011) - Your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is unique. We know you’ve invested time, attention and money into making sure it looks perfect. But from your motorcycle’s point of view, there’s something even more important than chrome that gleams and the ideal Harley parts – and that’s the stuff it runs on.

The large-displacement, low-revving, air-cooled, V-twin designed engine delivers the power and performance you expect from your bike, but high standards mean high demands. An engine this exceptional needs an oil that meets all of its needs and makes sure you get the best from your bike.

A generic oil is designed to be a jack of all trades – it may meet the basic requirements of a number of different makes and models, but frankly, that isn’t enough when it comes to looking after your Harley’s engine. You need a lubricant that maintains its stability at the high temperature ranges common to air-cooled engines; one which holds its viscosity under heavy loads from two-up riding. The ideal oil needs to have undergone rigorous tests – not just in the mechanical simulator used by some brands, but inside a real Harley-Davidson® powertrain, in a controlled lab where engine and oil are pushed to their limits. Because Harley® riders take their passion everywhere, it’s also vital the lubricant proves itself in the real world; over thousands of miles, in the extreme heat of the desert; against the stop-and-go of the city commute and under full loads.

Harley-Davidson® oil does all of this and more. It is, quite simply, the best available for your bike because it is the only oil created specifically for your bike. The care that has gone into developing it means it is guaranteed to reduce heat and friction; cut metal-to-metal wear; prevent corrosion by reducing acid in the engine; and maintain consistent oil film thickness. It also prevents air bubbles forming; suspends soot, inhibits sludge and varnish and sends them to the oil filter; and neutralises the acids produced during combustion.

As you would expect, there are different Harley-Davidson® engineered oils to suit different motorcycle needs. What they have in common is that they have all been formulated, developed, blended and tested for Harleys – not any other motorcycle. H-D® oil and your motorcycle were quite literally made for each other.

Cream of the crop is Screamin’ Eagle® Syn3® Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil, designed to protect in the most extreme temperatures and in the highest outputs. This one product has three applications – the engine, transmission and primary chaincase. Screamin’ Eagle® Synthetic Blend Motorcycle Oil is the second best we offer. It offers high protection in all normal riding conditions, plus improved stability at high temperatures, better flow at cold start-up and increased viscosity at high engine loads. Genuine Harley-Davidson® HD® 360 Motor Oil is an ideal all-rounder, offering high levels of engine protection under all regular riding conditions, and available in either SAE 20W50, SAE 50 or SAE 60. Additionally, where you are not using Syn3®, there is Formula+ Transmission and Primary Chaincase Oil, which is formulated to provide superior lubrication for anti-wear requirements of transmission gears, clutch operation and the primary chaincase.

For more information, visit or call into your local Harley-Davidson dealership.