Use your head…

Oxford (22 March 2011) - Once you’ve bought your helmet that’s it – it’s a piece of kit which will last you a lifetime, right? Wrong. A helmet only lasts around three to five years and keeping an eye on its condition is vital. The helmet is celebrating its 100th anniversary and while things have moved on since 1910 when helmets first emerged as cloth and leather caps, they still don’t last forever!

Woman Wearing a Helmet

Right now, it’s that time of year when the nights are drawing out, the temperatures are warming up, and the call of the open road starts to get a bit stronger. That makes now the ideal time to take a look at your helmet and check it’s still up to the job. They do a fantastic job of keeping you safe, so it’s only right to take equally good care of them. If it’s five-years-old or more, then check with your dealer if it’s time for a replacement.

April is helmet condition awareness month and the motto to remember is: you wear it for a reason, check it every season. Even experienced riders can be unaware that helmet condition does deteriorate - exposure to sunlight,grime, oil, diesel and petrol vapour can reduce performance. And as we only have one head, it’s just not worth it taking risks with!

So before you get back out on two wheels, take a good look at your faithful friend and check thoroughly for any signs of wear and tear. And every three to five years, head to your local Harley-Davidson® dealer and replace your helmet with a new version.

And who says you can just have the one? Harley-Davidson® helmets start at only £79, so why not treat your head to 3/4 version for the summer days and a more protective flip front for the colder seasons!  Check out our helmet collection via