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Successful applicants will always be looking to forge a long-term partnership with Harley-Davidson. And in order for you and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company to make sure we are both taking the right decision, we require each dealer applicant to go through a rigorous but fair Appointment Process.

The Harley-Davidson Dealership Appointment Process

To give you a brief overview of what you can expect, here is a summary of the various steps involved before we can formally foster a future business relationship with you:

Application Screening
Once your application has been received, we will ask you to submit the Dealer Application Form (PDF) we then review your submitted data and if positive may ask you to provide further basic financial information. We call this "Financial Stage 1 review".

Your Business Plan & Review
You will then be required to submit your full business plan, encompassing all the relevant aspects of your future dealership. This is the key opportunity for you to profile and outline your new Dealership's structure, organization and facilities. It also allows your team and our own to get a clear picture of where you want to go. We have a fully dedicated team to assist you in this process.

We have the professional expertise and resources to support your application from start to finish

Once received, we will then take you to our "Financial Stage 2 review", where we will all make sure that we are talking the same language, both in terms of expectations and the required funding to move forward. At this stage, your original business plan might need alignment. Once again, our team will be on hand to help you and can assist you by providing some fundamental 'know how' and input.

Letter of Intent
When this stage is passed, we will "sign off" as a team and provide you with an official Letter of Intent for a Harley-Davidson & Buell distribution agreement, based on various aspects of our future business relationship.

Distribution Agreement
A final check will be necessary at the end before we actually issue a dealer contract.

Next Steps and Some Words on Timing
It may take several months or even more to complete go through above process. It is in both yours and our interest to be sure where we go. However, this does not mean that you will have to wait until you have received your final contract in order to get things going well in advance. In parallel to all of the above, we will assist you in your approach to move forward in all areas of developing your business, such as retail environment planning and management as well as facility planning etc.

Our Support
We have the professional expertise and resources to support your application from 'start to finish' and will always be happy to be of assistance.

However, and in both our interests, you must understand the importance of making sure we and you take the right decisions. Please feel free to contact our team if you have further questions regarding the Dealer Appointment Process.

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Dealer Application Form (PDF)