Theft Protection


Your motorcycle stolen - no way! If you don't think it's possible your motorcycle could be the target of theft, think again. Motorcycle theft is one of the fastest growing crimes and results in millions of dollars in loses per year to consumers and insurance companies.


Protect your investment with the H-D™ Theft Protection Product* - a cost-effective product that deters theft, aids in the recovery of your motorcycle if stolen,and even helps to purchase a replacement motorcycle if necessary.


Who wouldn’t want a big, burly personal bodyguard protecting their precious metal?


Ask your authorized Harley-Davidson® Retailer for more information.



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*The H-D™ Theft Protection Product is administered by Safe-Guard Products International, Inc. Customers must fill out and sign a Harley-Davidson™ Theft Protection Product Limited Warranty and Registration Application. Please refer to the Application for specific coverage details. All transactions related to the H-D™ Theft Protection Product are governed solely by the provisions of the Application.