No More Excuses

Here are a few responses to the most common excuses we hear from
people who know damn well they'd rather be riding.


"It's too expensive."


Give a little

Pack a lunch, golf a little less, skip the casino for a night, lose a few cable TV channels-that's really all it'll take. You won't regret it.

Get a lot

Think of it as your canvas for self-expression. Your statement of freedom and individuality. Your introduction to a new family-riders unwilling to compromise. It's where you belong.

Not to mention what you're saving at the pump. Most of our models boast a combined fuel economy City/Hwy between 4.6 - 5.6 l/100km. So you can go green while you ride free.



"I don't know where to start."


If you're here, you're on your way. Now take the next step.

All it takes is one class

A few nights in the classroom, a couple days out on the range and you're riding free.

Harley-Davidson® Retailers in your area are standing by

Just stop in. Ask some questions. See the bikes. Everyone's welcome, even folks who don't know where to start. Find your closest Harley-Davidson® Retailer.



"Now's not the right time."


You're always doing something for everyone else. Now it's time to do something for yourself. You deserve it.

Don't want to ditch the wife and kids?

Make it a family affair. With seats that swap easily to a full line of quick detachable passenger backrests, your bike will transform from a solo cruiser to a two-up touring machine in minutes. Ride solo and ride together.

Just don't think you have the time?

What about that boring commute to work? Or when you need to run out for some dinner or a few things at the store? Put a few more liberating miles on the bike while turning every mundane errand into an escape. It's your time. You're just wasting it in your car. Reclaim it, and free yourself from the cage!

Wish you'd started sooner?

When you finally get around to buying your first Harley® bike, we know you'll say, "Why did I wait so long?" We hear it all the time. Just don't wait any longer. We've got a full range of models for all different kinds of rides, fits and styles.



"I'd probably hurt myself."


Take safety seriously, and you can be better prepared for the unexpected.

Knowledge is safety

Before you take to the streets, make sure you're properly trained and licenced. Motorcycle training courses include both in-class lessons and riding drills taught by experienced instructors. They'll teach you the safe riding skills that will give you confidence before you ride solo.

Use protection

Increase your comfort and safety on the road with the proper riding gear. How much gear to wear is a personal choice, but Harley-Davidson strongly recommends wearing appropriate gear every time you ride, including a helmet that meets DOT requirements, a long-sleeve jacket or shirt, sturdy long pants or chaps, gloves, eye protection, and over-the-ankle boots.

The basic truth

We're not going to say it's as safe as sitting inside staring out the window while the world passes you by. But what rewards in life come without a little risk? If you respect the tenets of safe riding, you can increase your enjoyment of the sport.



"My better half would never go for it."


Luckily, you're not alone. We've seen this before. Here are some tips to help get them on board.

Do your research

Arm yourself with information. Know what you want. Check out the bikes online and make a visit or two to your Retailer.

Get her involved

Start by taking her to a Retailer with you. Then talk with her about riding together. Whether on the back or on her own bike, she'll dig the extra quality time with you.

Promise you'll be safe

And don't lie to her. Take a rider education course and invest in the proper riding gear. It wouldn't hurt to take her shopping for some gear as well.

Plan a trip

There's no better way to get someone excited about a new bike in the family than talking about the places you'll go on your new Harley® bike. It might be a local bike night or an epic adventure to Daytona, Yellowstone, Route 66, the Smokey Mountains or even the Harley-Davidson® Museum in Milwaukee. What about a ride along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? It never hurts to dream.