H-D Canada timeline

The early years1910-1949 The middle years1950-1979 The later years1980-2000 The present years2001-The present

The Early Years

1914Fred Sr. and Lizzy Deeley (Trevor's grandparents) immigrate to Canada from England. Fred opens a motorcycle and bicycle business called Fred Deeley Ltd. on Granville Street in Vancouver. 

1917Fred Deeley Ltd. takes on the Harley-Davidson® line, making them the 4th oldest H-D dealership in the world. (Dudley Perkins in San Francisco is the oldest).  

1919Harley-Davidson® Retail Store established in Edmonton, Alberta.  

1920Frederick Trevor Deeley is born on March 15 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

1925Fred Deeley Sr. expands the business to two locations, a bicycle store and a motorcycle shop. Fred Jr. (Trevor's Dad) moves to run the latter.  

1926Reg Shanks & brother establish Brooklands Motorcycles in Victoria, B.C.  

1936Grant Budd estasblishes Prairie Motorcydes in Regina, Saskatchewan.  

1945Percy Poole opens a Harley-Davidson® Retail Store in London, Ontario.  

1949Laurent B. Groulx establishes Pont-Viau Motorcyclettes in Ville de Laval, Quebec.  

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