Canadian Retail Store Opportunities

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PROVINCEThere are currently no Retail Store opportunities in Canada. Please check back.

DESCRIPTIONIn order to be considered as a potential Canadian Harley-Davidson® Retailer, a candidate must meet the minimum eligibility requirements set forth by Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada (Deeley). If such requirements are met, the candidate's information as submitted on the Prospective Retailer Application may be maintained in Deeley's prospect database for one year, in the event opportunities become available that meet candidate criteria submitted.

Although a candidate may meet the minimum financial requirements, this does not imply that the candidate will automatically meet the financial investment necessary for a particular Retail Store for sale. The initial financial investment for any Retail Store that is advertised on this website could be substantially higher. Only those candidates who meet the unique financial requirements of a specific Retail Store will be contacted by Deeley. Contact by Deeley does not constitute Retailer authorization or approval.
If you are interested in a Canadian Retail Store opportunity, please download and complete the prospective Retailer application (PDF) in its entirety including the Background Check Form. Your application must also include your résumé and photocopies of two pieces of photo ID.

Application & Background Check Forms

Send completed forms to:

Attn: Mariah Stein              Senior Manager, Retailer Performance
Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada
13500 Verdun Place
Richmond, BC V6V 1V2