SuperLow<sup>™</sup> 1200T
SuperLow<sup>™</sup> 1200T
Superlow® 1200T

Starting At $19,495 AUD / $20,250NZD

Shown with Velocity Red Sunglo

*Vehicle shown may vary visually by market and may differ from vehicles manufactured and delivered. See your dealer for details. 

You've never seen so many big touring features packed into such a light, easy-handling machine.


The pavement doesn’t stop at the city limits.

If ever a motorcycle could turn a trip to the corner store into a cross-country trek, the SuperLow 1200T model is the one. You’ve got a light, nimble frame for easy handling. Detachable windshield and lockable saddlebags for the open road. A new seat for all-day comfort. And a low center of gravity coupled with an all-new suspension that lets you eat tight city traffic and twisting miles of highway with equal ease. Fire it up. See where it takes you.