Harley-Davidson Motor Company can provide customers with documentation that may be used to aid in importing their Harley-Davidson® /Buell motorcycles from one country to another.


Customers requesting import / export vehicle information must contact a Harley-Davidson® dealership for the information.




To request supporting documents from Harley-Davidson Motor Company customers must provide the title or registration for the motorcycle to demonstrate that the requestor owns the motorcycle and the motorcycle title is clear of any Junked, Un-Rebuildable, Not-Fit-For-Use-On-A-Roadway, or other salvage branding.


Customers must provide proof that motorcycle VIN and Engine Number (Abbreviated VIN) match as originally manufactured (i.e. not altered).


It is a requirement that the motorcycle does not have any open recalls.



Harley-Davidson will provide documents that state the safety and emissions standards the motorcycle was designed to meet at time of manufacture*. These include:

  • Certificate of Conformity (for motorcycles originally built to European specifications and from model year 2004 onwards).

  • Statement of Configuration (motorcycle not originally built to European specifications. The document states what safety and emissions requirements the motorcycle was configured to meet on the date of manufacture).

*Processing fees apply. Ask a Harley-Davidson dealership for more information.


Please note it is not guaranteed that these documents alone will fulfill all requirements for the country into which the bike is being imported. Due to the variance of regulations around the world and unknown modifications to the motorcycle after the motorcycle was manufactured Harley-Davidson cannot ensure that the motorcycle will be granted approval for importation and/or registration with use of these documents alone.