Do I need to be a certain age before I can become a licensed motorcycle rider?
Yes. If you are 17 and over you can ride a bike or scooter with a capacity up to 125cc as long as you pass your motorcycle learners license. When you turn 18 you can ride a bike of any size (125cc plus)


Do I need a provisional licence to learn or take a test?
Yes. You need a Provisional Code 1 Learner’s Licence. You can apply for a provisional learner’s licence by filling out the LL1 application form at any Driver’s License Testing Centre (DLTC) near you.

Once you pass the K53 Driving License test, you will be granted a provisional (temporary) driving license that will be valid for 12 months. During this time you will be issued with a ‘normal’ Driving License provided you meet the required conditions.


How does the test work?
Before taking any practical motorcycle test you must pass a K53 motorcycle theory test, even if you have a full car licence. The Theory Test Leaner’s License Certificate is valid for 2 years in which time you must pass your motorcycle practical test. If the Theory Test expires and you have not passed your practical test you must re-take it. There’s more than one test. First, there’s the motorcycle theory test. When you’ve passed that, you’ve got two years to take your practical test. The Learner's Licence exam is a 68 question multiple choice exam with questions spread over three sections: Rules of the road (30 questions); Signs, signals and road markings (30 questions), and vehicle controls (8 questions). Once a student has passed with approximately 80% correct answers, he or she may drive on public roads/freeways alone. South African motorcycle Learners must carry their Learner's License with them whenever they are riding a motorcycle. The Learner's Licence is valid for 24 months.


Is there more than one kind of licence?
Code A1: This is for a motorcycle with or without a sidecar and with an engine not exceeding 125cc. You must be at least 17 years old on the date of the test.

Code A: This is for a motorcycle with or without a sidecar and with an engine that exceeds 125cc. You must be 18 years or older to apply.


Where can I find the more detailed information on licensing and testing?
Visit the South African government website or


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