Putting the BOOM! Back into audio

Claremont (May 20, 2013) - Designed, manufactured and tested for use in a motorcycle environment, the new Harley-Davidson BOOM! Audio system enables riders to listen in clarity to their favourite songs (and even sing along) while riding the open road on their Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

But what about wind noise?

When riding a motorcycle, you don’t have the luxury of windows to keep you shielded from the wind so you would think that this would also inhibit your ability to hear the songs you’re playing on your radio or MP3 player. Not true.

The BOOM! Audio system has been specifically designed to produce the correct frequency necessary for a motorcycling environment, meaning that your songs are easier to hear. The system is modular so you can build it up from two speakers to eight and raise the volume to 400 watts – even when you’re wearing a helmet, experiencing high winds or blasts from the windshield, you’ll still be able to hear your favourite tunes!.

Surely you would lose clarity?

We’ve all experienced it – teenagers playing music ridiculously loud from their phones – it can sound tinny and quite frankly, irritating. Roll up on your machine with the clearest old school vibes playing loud and proud and watch their faces. If you have ever wanted to make an impression, now is your chance.

With everything from an interface to house your iPod and speakers available for your lower fairings and saddlebag lids, there is no better way to turn up the music. Each piece of equipment is made with easy accessibility in mind, so there is no messing around with headphones or small controls when you have your gloves on. What’s more, you can even fit BOOM! Audio to bikes without a radio.

Remember, every road has a soundtrack – what’s yours?