Get ready for the ride to Africa Bike Week

Claremont (March 21, 2013) - Many people will be turning their attention back to two wheels and getting ready for the ride to Africa Bike Week in Margate, KZN in April. However it’s worth bearing a few things in mind before heading out on the open road.

Get it looked at by a specialist
Head down to your local dealer to get your machine checked over by the experts. You can rest easy in the fact that your bike is in the hands of people who love it just as much as you do!

A service from Harley-Davidson is a lot more than just an oil change. Brakes, jiffy stand, latches, fuel lines, battery, suspension, steering head bearings, cables, wiring, electronic equipment, tyres and more are all inspected and adjusted. What’s more, the bike’s software is checked for official updates – you can’t get this anywhere other than an Authorised dealer. In addition, you can be rest assured that as well as all this, all transmission, engine and primary chaincase oils are changed too.

Check your charge
With many motorcycle alarms draining the power over extended periods of non-riding, when riders come to start up their V-Twin machines the battery doesn’t work. However don’t despair, what if there was a way to tell how much power was in the battery at a glance? There is, in the form of a battery charging harness complete with LED charge indicator. Many dealers* will be ensuring every customer who books a service will be riding away with one to make them aware if their battery is lacking the ‘joie de vivre’. Can’t wait? You could always order your own from your local Harley-Davidson dealer…

Prevention is easier (and cheaper) than the cure…
This tip is rather broad as it covers everything from you and the motorcycle. Look after yourself and the bike and it will be easier and cheaper in the long run. Give your bike a regular good wash with Harley-Davidson cleaning products to protect your paintwork and shiny bits especially if you live near the coast. We all know that riders need protection so check over your kit and make sure its all in good condition

So, polish off the bike, get it checked out, get organised and get riding! Here’s to seeing you at Africa Bike Week!