Genuine Parts with Added Technology

Claremont (October 21, 2013) - The new Model Year 14 range isn’t just about the motorcycles, it’s also brought a new exciting edge to the Genuine Parts, Accessories and MotorClothes® section.

Daymaker™ LED reflector lamps

If you like to ride long into the night and further into the winter then the new LED lights are a must-have item for your motorcycle. The LED light produces a daylight colour for superior visibility and focuses light exactly where you need it – so you’ll never be disturbed by dusk again!

1 – Clarity and direction of beam
Many other lamps waste light energy when the beam bounces off in directions that are useless to the rider i.e. up to the sky. The new LED lights pack a stronger and more direct punch!

2 – Superior visibility and depth of light
These brilliant LED lamps produce a bright-white beam that lights up the surroundings and draws the attention of surrounding traffic.

3 – Daylight effect
The natural “daylight” lamp colour is easy on your eyes and is “tuned” to enhance and amplify the reflective character of highway signs and lane markers.

4 – Easy installation
The installation process is simple. The long-life, solid-state LED lamps are housed in sealed shock and vibration-resistant lamp assemblies that mount into the existing light housing. The plug-in lamps require no external ballast or complicated rewiring.

5 – Looking good all of the time!
As your headlight is on for all of the ride, everyone will get to see how cool these lights look- improving your safety as they are getting you noticed!

Boom!™ Box 6.5GT Radio Kit

Take a big step up the technology ladder. Designed for plug-and-play installation, the Boom!™ Box 6.5GT Infotainment System is the ideal upgrade for Touring models equipped with the standard Boom!™ Box 4.3 radio. One look at the brilliant 6.5-inch display, and you’ll know that this is something special.

1 – Sound quality
Boom!™ Box 6.5GT features a low distortion (only 1%) 25 watt/channel amplifier that has been optimised for great sound in an open-air environment. The result is cleaner, sharper sound at volumes up to 25% louder than radios.

2 – Smart volume
Built-in automatic volume control compensates for the increased noise levels as speed increases, and automatically adjusts the bass and treble for optimal performance.

3 – Outstanding technology
The feature-packed radio is factory-equipped with AM/FM radio, integrated iPod and USB audio device playback, map-based GPS navigation and Bluetooth pairing of mobile phones and wireless headsets. The 6.5GT features can be accessed via the glove-friendly touchscreen, joystick hand controls or with hands-free voice recognition. And it doesn’t stop there – optional Bike-to-Bike communication and other features are just a plug-in module away!

It even tells you when you are getting low on fuel and automatically suggests the route to the nearest fuel stations!

MotorClothes – Triple Vent System

Harley-Davidson strives to provide riders with the best in comfort, performance and protection. With that in mind, the new triple vent system, an innovative approach to motorcycle jacket venting, was born!

The system was designed and wind tunnel-tested to provide best in class venting on all Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, including those with fairings and windshields.

Three strategically placed vents on each side of the jacket allow for dozens of ways to customise your comfort level. The design and placement of the vents incorporates:

  • Triple vent system on each side maximises the air flowing through the jacket at speed but also lets the jacket breathe when you are idling in traffic.
  • Side vent location make the most of airflow around faired and motorcycles with windshields, while accommodating non-windshield bikes as well. Side vent placement stops back rests from covering jacket back vents.
  • Design and placement of vents allows for an upward air current from front to back on the jackets with vents progressing from low to high, front to back.

The triple vent system will be included on several Leather and Functional Outerwear jackets and should be the choice for customers looking for the best venting system on the market.